Educators in the O.R.Tambo Municipality in Umtata, Eastern Cape will be afforded the opportunity of being empowered with the latest coaching skills when VSA’s Schools’ Volleyball Directorate hosts a VSA Level 1 coaches workshop on 8-9 December 2016 in Umtata.

The VSA level 1 coaches course is a prerequisite for those intending to enrol for the gruelling FIVB Level 1 coaches course.


Thirty (30) educator “coaches” will be put through their paces in the two (2) day LTPD focused workshop by Size Vardhan, VSA’s Technical Director.

With educators increasingly becoming the focus of Schools’ Volleyball Directorate’s programme of empowerment it is envisaged that the educator- coaches will work closely with both Volleyball South Africa’s Schools’ Volleyball and Development Directorates respectively in spreading the sport far and wide in our vast country.


For more information contact:

Deva Moodliar, Schools’ Volleyball Director on 082 770 3960

Michael Makhubela, Secretary General on 072 458 6530


Donovan Nair

VSA Media 072 372 2283





Port Shepstone on Kwa Zulu Natal’s south coast will host the 2016 SALGA (South African Local Government Association) Games on the weekend of 10-11 December 2016.

Volleyball is part of the eleven (11) code event that caters for the junior category viz. twenty (20) years and under.


The annual event which pits the ‘best of the best”from all the ten (10) district municipalities in KZN affords coaches an ideal opportunity to identify prospective talent for inclusion in their provincial structures.


Donovan Nair


Immediately after Volleyball South Africa’s elective quadrennial General Meeting (QGM) on 25 September 2016, VSA’s Schools Volleyball Directorate swung into action with a national roll out plan to capacitate educators with coaching and refereeing skills.

According to Deva Moodliar, VSA’s Schools’Volleyball Director these educators will form part of a national coaching and refereeing panel to take the sport far and wide in each of the nine provinces.

According to Moodliar it is only the National Federation that has the capacity and expertise to under take such a mammoth capacity building programme for the educators of our country

Working closely with the Eastern Cape Schools Volleyball structure schools in the Bizana area were identified as the beneficiaries of the first national roll out plan to capacitate educators.

VSA’s Technical Director, Size Vardhan, who is internationally accredited as a coaching facilitator conducted the coaching aspects of the two day course at the Love Life Centre in Bizana.


The programme focused primarily on the South African coaching framework encompassing the Long Term Participants Development (LTPD) of athletes.

In the practical sessions educators were put through their paces w.r.t.

* learning how to teach the various volleyball skills

* planning and execution of training sessions

* evaluation of training sessions.

Every participant was presented with a diary to record his/her athletes’details, training sessions and evaluation of their training sessions.

These diaries must be presented to their respective Principals for verification and submitted to the National Federation for accreditation.

International Referee, Sishle Gumede conducted his part of the programme at the same venue (Love Life Centre, Bizana) focusing on:

* rules of the game

* match protocol

*hand signs used by referees

* role of line judges and signs used by them.

According to Moodliar a follow up session is pencilled in for Bizana to ascertain progress made by educators of the capacity development programme.

Educators in the Limpopo Province can look forward to the next part of the national roll out plan.

(Bizana, Eastern Cape, 29-30 September 2016)

By Donovan Nair

2016 Women’s U20 African Nations Championship – EGYPT

The 2016 Women’s U20 African Nations Championship will now be held in Cairo – Egypt from 27th January to 6th February 2017. The championship is open to players born on 1st January 1998 or after.

 The Continental championship was postponed in order to ensure the participation of at least 4 teams so as to guarantee the continental quota to the World Championship. FIVB have accorded Africa the right to qualify two teams to the 2017 Women’s U20 World Championship but only if the continental championships have 4 or more teams taking part, failure to which only one team will qualify.

The Competition days are 29 January 2017 to 05 February 2017.




ZONE 6 CHAMPIONSHIPS – 10 to 20 December 2016.


The details are as follows,

Indoor club championship:

10 December: Arrival of teams

11 December: Preliminary Inquiry Meeting (14:00 to 16:00)

Technical Meeting (16:00 to 18:00)

12-17 December: Club Championship (Men & Women)


Beach Volleyball

16 December: Team registration (8:00 to 18:00)

17 December: Technical Meeting (16:00 to 18:00)

18-19 December: Beach Volleyball Championship Senior men and women and                                              under 23 men and women.

20 December: Departure



CAVB’s Zone 6 has extended an invitation to all its member states viz. Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe to participate in the Zonal Club and Beach Volleyball Championships for both genders to be staged in Swakopmund in Namibia from 10-20 December 2016.

The details are as follows,

Indoor club championship:

10 December: Arrival of teams

11 December: Preliminary Inquiry Meeting (14:00 to 16:00)

Technical Meeting (16:00 to 18:00)

12-17 December: Club Championship (Men & Women)


Beach Volleyball

16 December: Team registration (8:00 to 18:00)

17 December: Technical Meeting (16:00 to 18:00)

18-19 December: Beach Volleyball Championship Senior men and women and                                              under 23 men and women.

20 December: Departure


The University of Western Cape (UWC), the winners of the 2016 Champions Cup will be proudly flying the South African flag at the the Zone 6 club championship.

In the senior men and women’s category of the beach volleyball championship  Leo Williams will partner fellow Capetonian Clinton Stemmet while seasoned campaigner at this level of competition, Palesa Masinga teams up with Natasha Webber to do battle in the women’s section of the event.

South Africa’s representatives in the U23 men’s category are Jonas Mothobi and Nathaniel Rafpa who hail from Limpopo while the Western Cape pairing of Christine Delcarme and Liezel Petersen will contest the U23 women’s beach volleyball event.

CAVB Zone 6 board member, Kriba Reddy said:


“At the recent FIVB Congress in Argentina it was made abundantly clear that countries on the African continent must participate in the first instance in Zonal activities to make their respective zones fully functional.”

Reddy went on to say that with increased funding for zones from the FIVB, member states can look forward to exciting times in the near future.


Donovan Nair

VSA PR/Media

072 372 2283


The 2nd day of Volleyball South Africa’s (VSA) Executive Committee’s three (3) day meeting was devoted to bringing the national interim school’s volleyball structures’ draft constitution in line with the constitutions of VSA, CAVB, FIVB and SASCOC.

As the custodians of volleyball in the country it was incumbent on VSA to facilitate the process.

To kick start the process the interim schools’ volleyball structure was tasked with submitting a draft constitution which was subsequently disseminated to all the relevant parties who had to peruse the said draft document and propose amendments for discussion at a national forum.

The 5th of November was pencilled in by VSA for the national forum to which the delegates of the executive of the interim school structure and a schools’ delegate from each province were invited to meet with the VSA executive to interrogate the schools’ draft constitution and come up with a document which will be in line with the constitutions of the macro sporting structures.

To this end, Attorney Siven Samuel, the Head of VSA’s Legal Commission chaired the proceedings. A lengthy process of deliberation ensued with each clause of the draft constitution being discussed fully and amendments being effected where necessary.

“After all the amendments were debated the final constitution was accepted,” said Attorney Samuel.

“Its all systems go for the launch of the South African Volleyball Association (SASVA) in 2017,”added Samuel.

According to VSA Secretary-General (SG), Michael Makhubela the new constitution with all the amendments will be forwarded to all the role players for their records.

Makhubela went on to say that its incumbent on provinces now to get at least 35% of the schools in their respective provinces to be registered and playing volleyball in order to become members of SASVA. At the end of the first four year period it was agreed by all parties that this percentage will increase to 50%.

By Donovan Nair



The expertise and vast experience of VSA officials have been snapped up by FIVB and CAVB respectively to serve on an international platform.

Attorney, Siven Samuel, the head of VSA’s Legal Commission has been appointed to head the CAVB Legal Commission.

Former VSA President, Tubby Reddy who remains on the VSA cabinet as its Honorary Life President(HLP) joins the CAVB as the President of the Development Commission.

Kriba Reddy, VSA’s newly appointed Vice President was elected as a board member of CAVB’s Zone 6.



Volleyball South Africa’s executive committee members will be locking horns from 4 to 6 November with a strategic planning meeting to plot their way forward for the National Federation (NF) for the next four (4) years.

In addition, the schools volleyball structure, will meet with the national executive committee members to interrogate and accept a Schools Volleyball Constitution and VSA’s plan for schools’ volleyball for the period 2016 to 2020.

It is envisaged that at the end of the 3 day meeting the national exco members will have a blue print for an acceptable National Schools Volleyball Structure as well as a volleyball plan for the same period.

For more information VSA Secretary-General, Michael Makhubela can be contacted on 072 458 6530.


Umtata, Eastern Cape 27-28 October 2016

International referee Sishle Gumede from Kwa Zulu Natal will conduct a 2 day referees’clinic for 50 educators from the O.R.Tambo Municipality in Umtata from 27 to 28 October.

The course funded by Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) is designed to build capacity among selected educators who will eventually be deployed to officiate at school, district, provincial and national schools’ volleyball events.

According to Deva Moodliar who heads the Schools Volleyball portfolio the course in Umtata covers both theory and practical aspects of refereeing.

Moodliar went on to say that each participant will be given a rule book and a copy of a score sheet with explanatory notes on how to accurately fill a score sheet at all levels of competition.

Gumede will end the 2 day clinic with an hour long test to evaluate the competence levels of the budding referees.

“The names of high scoring candidates will be pencilled in for an intensive course at a later date,”said Gumede.

For further information the following VSA officials can be contacted:

Deva Moodliar (082 770 3960); Michael Makhubela (Secretary-General)

(072 458 6530); Thierry Mabeka (011 402 1703)


Donovan Nair

VSA PR/Media