The 2nd day of Volleyball South Africa’s (VSA) Executive Committee’s three (3) day meeting was devoted to bringing the national interim school’s volleyball structures’ draft constitution in line with the constitutions of VSA, CAVB, FIVB and SASCOC.

As the custodians of volleyball in the country it was incumbent on VSA to facilitate the process.

To kick start the process the interim schools’ volleyball structure was tasked with submitting a draft constitution which was subsequently disseminated to all the relevant parties who had to peruse the said draft document and propose amendments for discussion at a national forum.

The 5th of November was pencilled in by VSA for the national forum to which the delegates of the executive of the interim school structure and a schools’ delegate from each province were invited to meet with the VSA executive to interrogate the schools’ draft constitution and come up with a document which will be in line with the constitutions of the macro sporting structures.

To this end, Attorney Siven Samuel, the Head of VSA’s Legal Commission chaired the proceedings. A lengthy process of deliberation ensued with each clause of the draft constitution being discussed fully and amendments being effected where necessary.

“After all the amendments were debated the final constitution was accepted,” said Attorney Samuel.

“Its all systems go for the launch of the South African Volleyball Association (SASVA) in 2017,”added Samuel.

According to VSA Secretary-General (SG), Michael Makhubela the new constitution with all the amendments will be forwarded to all the role players for their records.

Makhubela went on to say that its incumbent on provinces now to get at least 35% of the schools in their respective provinces to be registered and playing volleyball in order to become members of SASVA. At the end of the first four year period it was agreed by all parties that this percentage will increase to 50%.

By Donovan Nair


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